Live at Haus Addy / Fall 2012 Demo

by Jake Mayday

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Rough demos of everything i've been playing at shows lately and working on in my batcave


released September 5, 2012

Mudlines by The Wild
Embracing Facts by Into It. Over It
all other songs by Jake Mayday



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Jake Mayday Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Burn The Flag of Surrender (live)
Burn the flag of surrender
with each breath
while we're still alive
our hearts like flares in the darkness
we'll drive the fear from our lives
Track Name: The Overbrook Compact (demo)
Despair finds it’s own way of creeping right through
All the dark hallways of defenses
To close what you breathe through
Fear never fights fair
It just invades and leaves you gasping for air
And when the panic sets in its hard to escape

At least for now
Your heart will never betray you
No matter how great the tension
It’ll pump on right through
Just point your feet in the right direction
And with some follow through

We can take what we want
Put it in our actions
Hold it in our hearts


We’re all that we’ve got
We’ve got to keep up
We’ve got to hold onto the things that we want
From the first breath we take to our last dying day
This way that we’re living
Is not a mistake
Lets sing while we can
Lets live for today
Come take my hand and together we’ll say
We’re all that we’ve got
Track Name: Time To Put On The Gameface (demo)
I’m down for no reason
Down for no reason
I’m down for no reason at all
I’m down for no reason
Not sun, tide or season
I’m down for no reason at all

Morning keeps breaking and I just keep taking
That first step off the wrong side of bed
Come round to believing that knowing the reason
Won’t scatter this feeling of dread

So I stand in the shadows at the edge of the meadow
And fight with this sorrow in me
Like five years of winter
On a day that could blister
If you even get close to the heat
Track Name: Count Backwards
We’ll I’m trying to trust your decisions
But I can’t help but feel you’re off on the wrong track
With so much to say and so much time
But I’m biting my tongue
I’m biting my tongue

Someone says they want to fix you
We’ll we all know the fining
Is up to you

If someone doesn’t make you feel safe
Why would you invite that double face
Track Name: Eulogy (demo)
A year ago today I found you were already dead
The headlines news had washed over your family and friends
The tidal wave that followed caught me somewhere near the edge
And nearly drowned the courage I had left

Oh I’ll never hear you sing again
And it’s a shame
A crime
A tragedy defined
Oh I’ll never hear your voice again
And if I call that line
You won’t be on the end
If I call that line you won’t
Be on the other end
Track Name: Ghostbusters Got Nothin On My Crew (demo)
Breakaway from the slow death
These living bodies tend to stay in motion
Pick up the pace you can’t be replaced
If the walls are all close din
Kick them out til you break it open
I’ll be digging you out from the other side

Don’t let those bad dreams rob you of what you need

We all need something to believe in
Cause we’re dying
For all the wrong reasons
And I believe in you
Hold on hold on
For one more day
And take that last train out when you wanted to say
I’ve had enough
It just might be enough to break this chain

If you’re holding a ghost in
Scream it out til you’re lungs are broken
I’ll be calling you out you’ve got to make it count
So put up or shut up
Give in and get up
Promise me you’ll give you’re everything


We’ll sing songs to wake the dead
Lets get this resurrection over with
We’re gonna drag you out of bed
And get you on your feet again
Track Name: Embracing Facts (Into It. Over It cover)
i'm sorry