First Arrows EP

by Jake Mayday

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released February 24, 2012



all rights reserved


Jake Mayday Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: What We Build Together
We’re not born to hate we’re not born to kill. We’re born to create we’ll fight to rebuild. We know that these walls remember our songs so don’t fill them with sadness sing loud sing along. We’re not born to hate, we’re not born to kill. We’re born to create we’ll fight to rebuild. A song in our hearts. A home for our friends. What we build together is a reason to live. What we build together is a reason to live.
What we build together is a reason to live.
Track Name: High Five
If you need a hand I’ll pick you up. Pour yourself a drink in some company you can trust. You can tell us anything, we’ll keep it quiet. And if you need a ride I’ll pick you up. Take you for a drive. We can ride until the morning light burns through, whatever’s eating at you. Sometimes shit sucks and it’s real rough. I’ve been there before and oh I can tell you, I know you’ll make it through! We’ll pour you a drink put up with your shit try and talk you down from that ledge you’re hung over with. Help you carry that weight that’s hanging over you. And if you need space I’ll give you miles, miles and oceans, causeways and continents. And if the ground shakes if a tidal wave comes and sweeps you away, I’ll be your doorframe I can build you a raft.
Track Name: To The Antarctic!
We get brought down and busted. The weight of the past brings us down. Well I’ve got a car and a crowbar, I can pry you out of anything! We can shatter the ice that has grown on our lives and get back to where we were going. A dream, a mark on a map, a place where we don’t lack all the things that we gave up when they told us to grow up. Don’t give up! We get tossed out and torn up. We lose sight of what we want. We lose faith in ourselves. But I know that we can be stronger than anything. Not bend! Not break! Not fail!
Track Name: And Be Awesome Instead
Wish I were made out of wire. That way when I get bent out of shape I’d be so much easier to bend. And not just break, and not just break. Cause I snap with astounding force and I hurt the ones that I adore. I fill with regret, and I take it all back. I’m not proud, that they’ve heard it all before. So I’m thankful for the second chance. And I’m thankful for the ones after that and I know that I’ve got to clean up my act. Got to fix those things I lack. Got to change those things I lack. Like patience, that just wells up in you. And the right words, they’re all beautiful and true. Those kind of things don’t come so easily to me.
Track Name: We Will Know
When the wrecking balls all come. And there’s nowhere left to run. And the cops have shut down every single basement show. Oh the embers will still glow in the ashes of our homes with the fire still alive inside our souls. And we will know (we will know) We will know (We will know) there’s nothing they can do to pull me from you! And we will know (we will know) We will know (We will know) no matter what they say, we will always find a way. And we will know. So let them come with tanks and we’ll slip right through the ranks and meet each other with a warm embrace (warm embrace) for there’s nothing they can say, to justify their hate. When we know that its our love they can’t erase.
Track Name: Not Today
Well I never saw it coming, I lost everything while working on a dream. Losing touch and losing sleep, my old friends now enemies. Outcomes I never thought I’d see. What happened to what we believed? Now that the futures no longer the key. It’s the past that I’m escaping. I’ve gotta leave, I gotta leave, I gotta leave. Well I guess I had it coming. Well it just goes to show you can’t see past what you know. Growing up not growing cold, live your life don’t sell your soul. Hold on to what you know. Tell me once again what’s the cost of living for nothing? Well nothings all you’ll get. Dead eyes! Dead heart! Living dead’s not a place to start and I can’t justify pulling this plug out when you’re hanging on to life.
Track Name: Memory's Lament / I Hope You Die
Memory’s Lament
I saw your missing poster again the other day. You know it’s not the kind of thing I ever need to see. I don’t need help remembering, you don’t need help remembering, I don’t need help remembering what I never can forget. I’m awake, and I’m alive. And gone are those days when all I could do was cry. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start. You know that living with what we’re not forgetting, it’s the hardest part.

I hope you die
I gave up on wanting to die a long time ago. These days, I’m just glad to be alive. Glad to hold a little hope. No light at the end of the tunnel, you’ve got to build that fire all yourself. Just ask me. Just ask me, if you need a little help. We all need a little help
I gave up on wanting to cry, a long time ago. These days, I just want to stand and fight. Want to hold onto this hope. And all of these friends. And the family we’ll create. And those positive things we’ll grow to embrace. When you look back at the end of your days, you can stand and be proud of what we have made. I, I hope you die, you die of old age. Surrounded by friends, in a comfortable place. For some of my friends, it didn’t work out that way.